Sept of the Hall of Heroes

Caern: Hall of Heroes
Level: 4 , Gauntlet: 7
Type: Glory
Tribal Structure: Silver Fang and Fianna, all are welcome
Totem: Hyperion, Lion


The town of Saxon River is a seemingly ordinary human town in central Vermont. It lies on the Saxon River, which, like the town, is named for its founder, Byron Saxon. The town has a small but relatively wealthy population, allowing for a well-regarded school district and a range of high-end public services such as a substantial forest preserve outside of town and a history of experimentation with cleaner energy production.

Though it’s often overlooked by visitors, most of the locals’ favorite gathering spot is the town square, where monthly gatherings take place on the lawn of the small natural history museum. Though the highway that follows the river does run right past the town square, getting there requires crossing a bridge that most people don’t even notice, into an area across the river surrounded by lush woods.

Saxon River has become a Garou experiment in rural caern development. When the Silver Fang Byron Saxon founded the town shortly after opening the caern, his intent was never for it to become a real town; he only intended to give his tribe’s kinfolk a place to live so helping maintain the caern would be easier for them. Though King Morningkill’s court in the North County Protectorate is similar in layout, Saxon River is much larger and can’t be claimed to be entirely owned by one extended family, and as such has had to cover concerns to exist without notice in the modern human world, crafting a school district, collecting taxes and anything else to protect the caern from being noticed on paper. Saxon’s plan worked far better than he ever could have imagined, as the town of Saxon River took on a life of its own, leaving the Silver Fangs who maintain the caern to establish local government in order to keep non-kinfolk from moving into the town. Though many Garou scoff at the risk the sept takes by allowing non-kinfolk to enter the bawn as they frequently do (the SRHS Lions football team has consistently been a leader in the Division II Conference since it was established, and that means home games), but Garou and kinfolk working together have kept curious mortals away from what ought not be found successfully since the founding of the town.


The bawn is the town of Saxon River. Bawn Guardians work for the police and are aided by kinfolk in the same department. Crime in Saxon River would be unusually low if it weren’t intentionally over-reported to avoid curious sociologists.

The town boasts a strong school district, a small but modern downtown area (which is approximately two city blocks long) and a large forest preserve outside the town of which only a small portion is open to the public, as there is a pack of approximately thirty wolves living there. Forest rangers from the town (again, kinfolk and Garou) keep an especially close eye on the pack for First Changes.

Living quarters can also be found in the town; an apartment building near the heart of the caern was built in the ‘70s to enable Homid caern guardians and cubs under the Den Mother’s supervision to focus on their Garou duties without having to focus on human jobs.


The Center of the caern is the area across the bridge. On the south side of Saxon River, with a dense ring of forest surrounding it, is a large clearing with important caern and sept buildings at its outside, including a quonset hut marked “Lions Club.” In the center can be found what appears to be a humble little natural history museum.

What makes this museum special, of course, is its Umbral reflection, which is a Garou history museum featuring artifacts uncovered from around the world and representing history of every tribe. Though most of the museum’s holdings are rare mundane items, some low-level talens, fetishes and other spiritual or mystical objects can be found there, with the occasional powerful fetish.

Notable Garou
Elder: John Beckham

Council of Elders:
Billie Mulligan

Warder: Edgar Devoreaux
Keeper of the Land: Pavel Yurislav
Gatekeeper: Speaks-To-Mother, “Erin Jones.”
Wyrm Foe: Freddie “Coach” Armstrong
Truthcatcher: Reins-of-the-Storm
Talesinger: Scott McBride
Caller of the Wyld: Screams-As-He-Kills

Sept of the Hall of Heroes

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